Antica Hostelleria 
of San Bernardino di Crema


The Albergo Dimora Storica Antica Hostelleria (Historic Residence Antica Hostelleria), located in S.Bernardino , resides as part of the architectural complex of Villa Lorenza,  country residence of a prestigious house whom renown reached its most glorious peak especially during the 17th and the 18th Centuries:  the Bodenti Family. The complex had been first built in the property land of the ancient monastery belonging to the “Minori Osservanti Francescani “, a small branch of the main convent founded between 1417 and 1418 by S.Bernardino of Siena ,in the city of Pianengo.

The monastery had been demolished in September 1514 by the hand of General Renzo de Ceri during the main war between Spanish and Sforza’s armies against Venetian forces, fighting for the possession of the near city of Ombriano (which had the conflict named : “The Battle of Ombriano”). The Antica Hostelleria  is the elegant result of a recent and attentive renovation of the detached East-area of the main complex. The Residence is provided with the most modern comforts and devices to guarantee a pleasurable stay, able to satisfy even the most exigent customers, whether for business or for pleasure purposes. Though, through an accurate conservation intervention, its beautiful, original details had been perfectly left intact, witnessing the placid and discreet charm of the ancient bourgeoisie, looking at the World with noble, romantic indifference.





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