Cathedral Square

  You can go back on the crest of the Moso (now via XX Settembre) to the Cathedral square. " e citadel was the oldest part of Crema with the ! rst church, S. Maria della Mosa, and a castle. " is was surrounded by defences (girulus) and probably by a moat. " e cathedral that was destroyed by Frederick I was just a little smaller than the present one (superposed plan). " e entrance to the citadel was protected by gates and narrow covered passages (strincéta). " e square was only the southern part (market) with house-shops; in the north there was the praetorial tower. Later, in the 16th century, the Town Hall, the bishop’s palace and a baptistery were added. Under the pavement there are huge foundations, probably of a fortress (see photo after the restoration of the Cathedral). Going pass via Manzoni (where the ghetto was) you go back to via Cavour, the crest of the Serio. Here all the streets are downhill. " e artisan-trading district began here, just outside the walls of the citadel (via Mazzini) with its medieval houseshops (the entrance still remains under the porch named sota ‘l Signur). Going north, the path overcame the Crema with a bridge, along which there were the Frederick’s walls. In 1945 the Crema was buried and turned into a street. Here the Venetian street split up into two parts to cross Borough S. Pietro, up to the fountain (the only remaining water), and the mill nearby. Here was Porta (gate) Pianengo, in the north of the town.  


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